View collected sentences

A new marker object will be created in a folder when highlighting, and the extracted sentences will be stored as the note of the marker object. You can view each note as a list or individually.

Marker objects

View the collected sentences in a list

Following explains how to view a list of the collected sentences.

1)  Select a folder in which the marker object is saved, then right-click.

2)  Select "View" - "List view" from the context menu.

3)  The titles and notes of all marker objects existing in the folder will be displayed as a list.

It will refer to the highlighted place when clicking

The list is updated automatically, so that you can continue to collect sentences with the list displayed. On the list, you can edit notes and delete markers. "Organize collected sentences on the list" will explain in detail about the way.

View collected sentences

You can view each collected sentences individually by displaying properties of the marker object.

The following explains how to display properties of the marker object.

1)  By clicking the button on the sidebar, properties of a marker object will appear.

2)  When clicking a marker object, the title and the note of the marker object will be displayed.

You can also display the properties with the context menu of the marker object

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